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            Home ? Amazing Botox and Fillers Results :D

            Amazing Botox and Fillers Results :D

            Looking for photos of botox and fillers results? Over coffee with an old friend last weekend, she was telling me that after the recent circuit breaker and all, she felt like she aged a lot and looked really haggard. Was it because of having 2 kids or was it the effects of time?  Well, what we know for sure is that she wasn’t feeling as confident as before. She said she considered aesthetic procedures but was not feeling very sure about it. 

            Time is unforgiving. It doesn’t give people a second chance. Our skin ages slowly but surely and that’s ok, just as it’s ok for us all to pause the signs of aging here and there. 

            If it helps to make you feel more confident then why not? I do believe that everything a person does stems from how she feels about herself. 

            I recently did botox and fillers with Halley Medical Aesthetics in some parts of my face and I love the natural effects I got from it. Read about my experience here, and check out the botox and fillers results below.

            Botox and Fillers Results (B4 & After Photos)

            Botox and Fillers Results

            Frontal View (above): You’d notice vast improvements in my chin which is due to the botox (Xeomin) done on my haw area. My jaw on the left and right has reduced significantly to give me a more V-chin. And look at my under eye area! It looks immensely rejuvenated (smoother & more youthful) because of the fillers. My nasolabial folds looks a lot lighter here too.  

            Botox and Fillers Results

            Side View (above): On the side, you’d notice that my cheeks don’t hang down as much, and my nasolabial folds are lightened and less obvious as a result. 

            Really got to thank Dr Terence Tan for his wonderful work. I’ve always turned to Dr Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics for aesthetic solutions for my skin and body. He is very experienced and it shows in the work he does. So glad to have found him! :D

            Curious to know the exact botox and fillers treatment areas for this? Read this!


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