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            New Korean Cosmetics from CLIO Singapore

            Someone said KOREAN COSMETICS? YES PLEASE. While I love how the korean look but I am so tanned, it’s impossible to look like them, however, korean cosmetics have so much to love about. They literally make the best lip colours and make having soft brown eyebrows look so achievable. CLIO recently launched their new range of lipped called CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip. Check out 4 shades here: It’s formulated to be semi-matte, making the colours fade resistant, and surprisingly…

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            Review: March Bellabox

            March Bellabox this month comes to me early! So you’ll get to find out what’s in March’s box here first! Another super pack of 5 items. This month’s box is made up of mostly skincare and no makeup. Here’s the lineup: Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Replumping Gel-Cream I have only heard good things about Vichy’s latest new launch. Helps to brighten and whiten! Dr CI: Labo Super Cleansing Ex A makeup remover with skincare benefits! Removes well without drying or…

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            [Giveaway] Treat for my lips!

            Do you have dry, cracking, and old-looking lips? My lips usually get really dry just before I sleep at night and especially when I travel to a cold country. At times like how I recently visited US, it was fortunate for me that I got hold of Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Balm! It recently won the an award as the Best Lip Treatment by Singapore Women’s Weekly. Blistex Deep Renewal: ♥ Visibly Reduces Deep & Fine Lines ♥ Improves Lip Health &…

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            Lip Pure Lipbalm – for sensitive lips

            Have you ever thought about eating a Lipbalm? That’s a kinda weird thought but I recently got to know of a new Lipbalm in the market that is as PURE as pure can be. Lip Pure Lipbalm has no preservatives and no colourants and is made from 100% food grade natural ingredients. True to it’s name, Lip Pure Lipbalm is so natural, you can actually eat it! Formulated with a gentle beeswax formulation, you are on your way to soft,…

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            Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm

            Mentholatum lip care (#1 ip Care brand in Japan*) launches a new Organic lipbalm range with the Highest Eco-Cert accreditation: 1. Free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or colorants. 2. Healthy, safe and gentle enough for healthy lips. 3. Recyclable and biodegradable. Using a nourishing blend of natural oils from renowned organic farms globally, its creamy and non-sticky texture glides on smoothly for soft, silky lips. Organic Ingredients sourced from Internationally Renowned Organic Farms: 1. African Organic Shea Butter ❤ Soothes…

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            Murad: Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care

            Why you need it: Instantly rejuvenate skin softness with this ultra-conditioning formula. It rejuvenates and conditions dry, cracked, chapped skin, cuticles and lips on contact. Dry and damaged cells are exfoliated to create a moisture barrier so that moisture so that moisture stays in and lips begin to heal. This multi-function product is for your lips, nail cuticles and skin. Review: Using the same product for my skin, nail and lip is a little too “new” a concept for me…

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            Upper Lip Hair Removal

            There was a time, long long ago, when I’ll shave my underarms every morning before I head out. And then came a period when I was obsessed with using tweezers to pluck my underarm hair. I am so over and done with that. I underwent IPL and VPL treatments in the past 2-3 years and now have hairless underarms (YES ITS POSSIBLE!!). So I am pretty comfortable with light treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. Recently I got to…

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            #1 Bestselling Lipbalm Brand in Japan: Mentholatum

            Mogitate Kajitsu Lipbalm series comes in five different fruit mixes: Strawberry, Grape & Berry, Orange & Mango, White Peach and Lemon & Lime. Thanks to thesamplestore, I’m privileged to be given some to try! Being the strawberry lover, I picked the Strawberry flavoured lip balm to try first of course. It had a very unmistakably strawberry fragrance to it – this is expected of course, for any good lip blam that boasts to be strawberry flavoured. It glided on very…

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