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            PicoSure Laser Review: So Good For Treating Scars!

            Wondering if the PicoSure Laser is worth going for? Wonder no more! I’m super excited to share with you my results. The before & after photos of the treatment that I did really does say it all.

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            These Face Scrubs Are So Good That My Husband Loves Them Too!

            St Ives has just launched their new face scrubs in Singapore. Made with 100% natural exfoliants, every St Ives face scrub is packed full of natural goodness, using the best ingredients that are sourced from around the world.

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            Did You Know Spider Veins Could Be Removed? This Is How.

            I have always had some dark purple coloured spider veins that run along the sides of my cheeks since young. If these sound familiar and frustrating to you, well I know how you can remove spider veins from your cheeks.

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            The 3 Derma-Rx Products You Need To Know About

            Here’s a Derma-Rx product review post that many of you have been asking for! I’ve been with my dermatologist, Dr Hui Yun, at The DRx Clinic for 2 years now. And over the past 2 years, I’ve visited them once every 6 months to get a review on my skin and to see if there’s a need to update the range of skincare products I’m using and if they are effective. Read my very first review on DRx Clinic: This is me without makeup. …

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            If Your Face Is A Little Bloated Lately, This Is The Facial For You!

            This treatment is perfect in helping to reduce water retention on my face! Tiredness, stress, and lack of sleep can leave its harmful effects on your skin. Between the kids and work, I barely have time for facials but I did finally managed to squeeze some time out to pamper myself with a Lymphatic Detox facial treatment that’s perfect for busy women who are often tired out, have lack of sleep and are stressed! When I get stressed or when I…

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            Got my freckles REMOVED! Read this DRx Clinic Laser Review

            I have these stubborn freckles which I hated and I never had freckles until my second child birth. Thankfully I had it resolved in one treatment. Here’s sharing a DRx Clinic Laser review! I’ve done lasers before so I am no newbie to this. But because I have done lasers before, I know how effective lasers are under the right doctors and I love the results! If you are looking for a treatment to remove freckles in Singapore, read on!

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            This Is How You Get A Sharper Jawline & Tighter Skin

            Back in August 2016, I took the plunge and did a full face Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatment and subsequently a Zeltiq CoolMinitreatment on my chin – all in pursuit for a reduced double chin, overall skin tightening and a more defined jawline. It’s been 9 months now and life has been seriously busy. That explains why I haven’t had time to update on my treatment progress. During one of my recent visits to Halley Medical Aesthetics, I thought I’ll ask…

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            A Double Chin Before & After You Will Want To See

            Read about my double chin reduction treatment journey here. This is a photo of me taken end Feb 2017, 6 months after I did the CoolMini treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics to my chin. I’m really happy with the results of my double chin reduction mission so here I am back, with a review to share the results! There’s been much talk about CoolSculpting by Zeltiq and how it makes inch loss easy, painless and convenient. It is a popular choice for large…

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