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            Best Lifestyle Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards 2014

            Yayyyyy!! I am so honoured! www.dongchuanp.tw is a finalist in 2014 Singapore Blog Award’s Best lifestyle Blog!! :) The lifestyle blog category is one of the most competitive categories out there because there are simply just so many good blogs out there. They probably just aren’t niche enough to call themselves a food / beauty / travel / etc blog and so everyone’s in the “lifestyle” category! Anyhoo, I’ve had tremendous luck and recognition for my efforts into my blog the past…

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            I has new fanpage!

            I’ve been toying with this idea for a very long while and I have finally done it! Here’s my new fanpage – all newly setup! :) Get to know me on Facebook! See you there!!

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            Singapore Blog Awards 2012 – Best Beauty Blog

            How do I feel?? I’m really excited and honoured to be one of the finalists for omy.sg’s Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog Award 2012. Here’s why: ♡ Mary Chia is a very well known and established brand that has been around for 30 years. They offer beauty, spa and slimming treatments – all of which I’m very interested in.♡ Omy.sg‘s annual Singapore Blog Awards is one award that bloggers in Singapore want to be associated with. Last year’s “history gets…

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            Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon at 313 is now my hair sponsor!

            I’m soooo excited! Here’s another milestone for my blog. Introducing my new hair sponsor…… SHUNJI MATSUO HAIR SALON @ 313! Yup! Good bye to unkempt hair looks! Here’s the time to try styles that I’ve never done to my own hair before! Here’s my hair history: ♥ Dyed it brown and red (but then the red faded to brown eventually too) ♥ Rebonded it MANY times over (each time lasting me 10 months or so) ♥ Permed it with BIG…

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            Tocco Tenero Bag Of The Month

            As if I don’t already have enough bags (as my boyfriend would tell you), I’ve recently been made a BRAND AMBASSADOR of Tocco Tenero! *screams in delight* For the next 6 months, I will be checking out Tocco Tenero’s latest collections here and sharing with you what I know as heavenly little pieces of leathery goodness! You will want to know these little delicious facts about Tocco Tenero’s Bags: ❥ Nothing is priced above SGD200! ❥ All their bags are…

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            Singapore Blog Awards 2011 – Best Beauty Blog

            Hello, it’s been 2 weeks since the voting for the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 has begun for the finalists. “Life As I Know It” has been shortlisted as one of the top ten finalists for the Adonis Best Beauty Blog in Singapore. When deciding who to award this prestigious title to, they take into account the quality of my blog posts about my experience at Adonis (how informative, accurate and constructive) and also the number of votes I get from…

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            BEST BEAUTY BLOG in Singapore Blog Awards 2011

            The annual Singapore Blog Awards is here again and this time, I’m one of the TOP 10 FINALISTS for the BEST BEAUTY BLOG in Singapore by ADONIS! It’s such an honour to be selected and so exciting. Tonight’s the briefing for the start of this “challenge” and I’m so excited to embark on this journey. To be nominated as Top 10 is already a very huge honour and I’m very flattered! :) Let’s see where this adventure will bring me!…

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            The Debut I've been waiting for.

            Finally. FINALLY, after so many months of research, hair pulling, going half mad at html, xml and what not, and of course, procrastination, a new look for my dear blog debuts. So… what do you think! The last blog template was honestly a disgrace. I work in digital marketing and my blog had to be the most un-userfriendly one out there. But hey, I recognised a change was overdue and well, it’s done finally!!! During the planning stage, my ideal…

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