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            MAGNUM? Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure

            MAGNUM® threw its most lavish party yet to celebrate 25 Years of Pleasure at Avalon. It was a sinful night of chocolate decadence. MAGNUM with its signature pairing of chocolate and ice cream for perfect pleasure wowed us off our feet right from the invitation pack! I received a boxful of Magnum’s yummy chocolate coated vanilla ice creams in Classic, Gold and Almond (L to R below) flavours. My favourite? The Classic! :) And check out what went down at…

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            Yogurberry – the new yoghurt chain in Singapore

            With more than 270 outlets in 27 countries, Yogurberry has finally made it’s way to the shores of Singapore! Froyos (frozen yoghurt) are such awesome alternatives to ice cream! :) It’s low in fat (less than 0.5% per 100g) and low in calories (less than 98kcal per 100g). Yogurberry currently has 3 outlets at NUS Food Junction, Great World City Food Junction and Bugis Junction Food Junction. I recently went down to the one at Bugis Junction to check them out! YogurBerry…

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            Dong Po Colonial Cafe at Kandahar Street

            That cafe at Kandahar Street, the one we went the other day is a quaint vintage cafe called Dong Po Colonial Cafe. This isn’t yet another hip new cafe joining the throngs we have mushrooming every other day. This cafe serves up some traditional pastries from the 50’s and 60’s in Singapore to go along with their coffee. The boss of Dong Po Colonial Cafe is Kelvin Soh. How he started the cafe was featured in some Channel 8 show sometime back.…

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            Saying ‘I Do" With A Fabulous Customised Wedding Cake

            And no, it’s not those fake wedding cakes that the hotels/restaurants usually provide too. We said “I Do” with a real, and very fabulous customised wedding cake! We knew right from the start that we did not want the ‘fake’ cake that everyone has at their weddings. We wanted a fancy one, a real one that can be shared with our guests! After watching COUNTLESS episodes of Rich Bride, Poor Bride and David Tutera Weddings, we knew we needed to find…

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            Singapore Best Shopping Blog Feature: What's in my Qoo10 cart?

            As part of omy.sg’s Singapore Blog Awards where I am a finalist in Singapore’s Best Shopping Blog category, we are tasked to find the best shopping deals on a popular local shopping website, Qoo10.com.sg, previously known as gmarket.com.sg. First of all, I want to say how much I love Qoo10. I shop there for everything! Sometimes when I travel, I see stuff I want to buy, and I tell myself, I can get that at Qoo10 for cheaper!! This was…

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            Subscribe for Chocolate – Luxby.sg

            A new subscription service is in town people! It’s not for beauty or for snacks, but it’s for chocolates! Luxby is a chocolate discovery subscription service that delivers a box of premium chocolates to you every month. You’ll enjoy award-winning, boutique artisan chocolates normally not found on the shores of Singapore, made with innovative ingredients & new taste selected based on quality and fresh wholesome ingredients. Here’s what I got in my very first Luxby! Eh there’s a science to…

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            My OWN DIY Mini Yule Log Cake!

            This is excitingness la! Thanks to Icing Room, I was given one of their X’mas specials, the Mini Yule Log Cake, to experience what Icing Room is best known for – a DIY cake decorating session! :) I decided to bring along my mom, grandma and sis all along to have some fun as well! They say “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth”. What do you say? For $18.80, I was given this whole set! A log cake, 3 icing…

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            Cafe Review: Craving for French Food in Singapore?

            French Food to me is always about expensive prices and while it may be tasty, the portions are usually too small to enjoy enough of it. And it isn’t always that readily available everywhere too. It is with pleasure that I discovered a little French Restaurant that just opened near Holland Village. It’s called The French Ladle – according to the owners, they wanted their setup to be a homely place with great food at great prices and portions. Hence,…

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