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            No BBT during circuit breaker?! Here’s how to make your own bubble tea!

            Like any bubble tea fan in Singapore, I’m a little upset that all our favourite bbt shops in Singapore will be closed as part of the extended circuit breaker measures in Singapore. In fact, I didn’t even know about it until I saw news reports about long queues at bubble tea shops after more businesses told to close by midnight (21 Apr) under stricter Covid-19 measures. Anyhoo, we live in unprecedented times now and so, like any die-hard bubble tea…

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            Unbelievably ADORABLE Hello Kitty Appliances To Want NOW

            Hello Kitty fans will have much to rejoice. Cornell has just launched an unbelievably CUTE (and massive) range of Hello Kitty Appliances that even the non Hello Kitty fan would find hard to resist! Check out the range right here!

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            Homemade Beetroot Noodles

            Yesssss it’s yet another edition in the whole noodle making craze in my life. My new Joyoung noodle making machine really makes it so simple and easy to make noodles for my whole family. Especially Baby Daniel who is a fan of eating noodles. I decided to try making more colourful noodles this time around – BEETROOT FETTUCCINE! Note, when you making fettuccine, because of it’s wider width, less noodles (in terms of length) comes out of the noodle maker,…

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            Homemade Egg Noodle Recipe

            Back at my Joyoung Noodle Maker again! Today I made Egg Noodle! :) With the noodle maker, it’s effortless, literally. I could choose any shape of noodle I wanted and I decided to try making egg noodles in linguine form. All I needed was: 85ml of water+egg (just break an egg, and fill up the measuring cup till it hits 85ml) 1 cup of wholemeal flour Using the measurement cup provided and measure out 1 cup of flour then pour…

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            Homemade Carrot Noodle Recipe

            I feel so domesticated! That aside, the new Joyoung Noodle Maker that I received to review is spicing up my weekends endlessly! I received it a couple of weeks ago and I have already made so many batches of noodles. I feel extremely satisfied!! It makes me quite amazed that noodles are so easily made, with so few ingredients and so little effort and time. Over the next few posts, pardon me if I rave about my noodle maker a…

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            Homecooking with Dancing Chef

            It’s the CNY season and I’m going to be doing a lot of home cooking for my family, especially so when I’m going back to Kuala Lumper to spend time with them. When my grandma used to be younger, she used to cook up a big feast on the eve of every chinese new year. I always looked forward to that. But now that she is older and we don’t want her to tire herself out, I personally am not…

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            Fruit Galette (Tart/Pie)

            The Panasonic Oven with Steam (NN-SV30), all in one (cos it combines Microwave, Heater, Steam and Grilling functions all in one machine) is a pretty useful one! Last I did was make Sardine Samosa and now I have an old recipe that I love to make! Galette is French for a flat, round cake. It may also refer to several savory and sweet tarts, and even a small shortbread cookie. So what we have here is a Mixed Fruit Galette. It was a lovely…

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            Recipe: Sardine Samosa

            As one of the finalists of the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Cooking Blog category, we were all sponsored Panasonic Home Cooking appliances to create our very own versions of recipes. I was sponsored the all in one Panasonic Oven with Steam (NN-SV30). It’s a all in one cos it combines Microwave, Heater, Steam and Grilling functions all in one machine! You know how our houses are getting smaller and smaller these days? Well think about how much space this machine saves!…

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