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            Have you been to Coffee Bean lately?

            Latest additions to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf food and drinks menu is pretty good. I was really looking forward to trying out the new Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended ($7.00). Roasted coffee beans, rich mexican chocolate and earthy spice flavours are well fused together and gave that icy cold indulgence that I’ve always loved The Coffee Bean for. The hint of coffee and chocolate were both strong and well blended together. This is like a merger of 2 things I particularly…

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            Hanging out at Arteastiq @ Plaza Singapura

            I’ve never really been fond of art (cos I am really not good at it) but come mon, who doesn’t love having an empty canvas to destroy go all creative on?! We recently went to Arteastiq @ Plaza Singapura for tea and a great art jamming session.

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            HungryHeroes at 33 Tenssensohn Road

            HUNGRY HEROES must be one of the cafes with the most interesting decor in Singapore. If you’re a fan of action heroes and have a taste for unique interior design, you’ll want to check out Hungry Heroes. More than 100 artworks of popular culture framed on multi-layered ornate frames are mounted on sleek dark panelled wooden walls. Countless original superhero memorabilia collected from the last two decades are displayed along with colourful high gloss ornaments and a playful faux weapon…

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            Have a hankering for some pies?

            If you’re a fan of eating pies like I am, there’s a newbie pie place you should check out! Pie Face, the world’s largest pie chain, has finally arrived in Singapore. They are the leading micro-bakery cafe in Australia with more than 80 stores around the world. They have recently opened up 2 new branches in Singapore (313@Somerset basement and Bugis Village (near Burger King)) and the aussie husband and I spent a Friday evening getting ourselves stuffed with pies.…

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            A Lunch Escapade at Buona Terra

            I recently found a lovely quiet enclave that’s nestled along the row of colonial buildings along Scotts Road. Buona Terra is a contemporary, fine-dining Italian restaurant that promises a novel selection of luscious, artfully-prepared cuisine in a dining haven of serenity for any special occasion. Starting 1 December 2014, they have launched their new lunch service. Priced at $38++ per person, you can expect to indulge in a taste of Northern Italy with the 3 course lunch menu by Chef Denis…

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            Brunch at Symmetry

            Symmetry is my new favourite haunt for some good brunch. It’s located near Bugis Junction, where I frequent every Saturday with Baby Daniel for our chiropractic sessions. One Saturday, we were hungry and craving for some brunch and thanks to Google, I found Symmetry located just nearby where we were so we decided to pop over. Symmetry: Café by day, restaurant bar by night, Symmetry is nestled in a serene spot within Jalan Kubor. Taking inspiration from both the Australian…

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            Tiong Bahru Bakery – Aye or Nay?

            Tiong Bahru Bakery started in collaboration with celebrity baker, Gontran Cherrier. There’s been a lot of hype about their Croissant, with some even going to the extent of calling it the BEST CROISSANT in Singapore. I’ve been wanting to try it myself and last weekend, after our lovely massage at Estheva Spa (Raffles Hotel), we hopped on over to Raffles City to check out Tiong Bahru Bakery. I was on a mission to see if Tiong Bahru Bakery’s croissant really…

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            The Royal Mail @ Ascott

            The Royal Mail at Ascott has a new menu! This restaurant and bar is home to contemporary British cuisine with an emphasis on Roasts. The husband and I went for dinner to try their new menu by Group Executive Chef Micail Chepi and his team. STARTERS: Pan Seared Foie Gras (S$24) This comes with Camembert Cheese, Mixed Dried Fruit and Scented Honey-Mustard with Riesling Just. I don’t usually like cheese but the cheese went SO WELL with the Pan Seared Foie Gras. It was like…

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