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            Choose The Best Drinking Water For Your Family With This

            It has been 2 years since we started using the novita Water Purifier NP330 and we are still very satisfied with it. We change the filters in it once a year and I never forget because there’s this super handy magnet timer which I stick on my fridge and it emits a sound once 365 days is up. Alkaine water or Purified water? We have been drinking Alkaline water for 2 years now and I decided to change to Purified…

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            This is the weight loss programme that helped me lose 9kg

            If you’ve been following my updates on my blog and my Instagram, you’ll know that I have been on a weight loss programme with Halley Medical Aesthetics for the past 3 months. Here’s sharing my final review of the Quick Slim Programme! I am so so grateful and happy to the team at Halley Medical Aesthetics and to Dr Terence Tan. They have truly shown me what I never believed was possible. Here are my results: Weight: Lost 9kgBMI: Previously 24.7,…

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            How I Lost 3.6kg in One Month with Halley Medical Aesthetics

            I keep thinking that I can eat whatever I want and breastfeeding is going to make me slim. I guess it’s not going to be that easy to lose weight fast! For the past 6 months, I knew I wasn’t losing weight because my jeans was a little tight. Truth be told, I was afraid of what my weight has become. I even stopped weighing myself. No matter how much or how little I ate, I still felt fat. Weighing…

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            We Made Them Our Family Chiropractor – Here’s Why!

            Hi everyone, how are you? My husband and I have recently started going to our family chiropractor in Singapore for weekly spine adjustments. Like most people, we had some pain and discomfort here and there and decided to seek a chiropractor’s help for a more natural way of healing. Personally, I’ve been having lower backaches (after giving birth to my 2nd child), and chronic neck and shoulder pain due to prolonged hours hunching in front of a computer in the…

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            We Welcomed Alkaline Water In the House!

            Last month we welcomed a new addition to my kitchen – the novita Water Purifier NP330. Since we moved in to this house, we have been boiling tap water and replacing way too many kettles. I am not sure why but the kettles always rust on the insides and we can never boil enough water to cool and feed our family of 4. Check out this video: Well that’s all in the past now. I waited for a month of…

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            New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder Review

            Here’s a little background, I was engaged a few months back to be part of a R&D process on helping to define a new collagen drink. We all contributed to the final taste and the packaging of the product. Many months later, New Moon launched the New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink and here’s a review! I took 1 bottle a day and my skin and I am super impressed with the 193% increase in elasticity and 120% increase in collagen after 1…

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            Limited Edition SG50 Tumbler

            As Singapore celebrates the Golden Jubilee, Thermos Singapore has specially commissioned independent design studio Visual Inconsideration to collaborate on a limited edition Thermos SG50 tumbler, the Thermos® JNL-350 SG50 tumbler. This limited edition model is available only in Singapore. This is such a pretty keepsake. The Thermos® JNL-350 SG50 tumbler features notable local landmarks such as the Merlion, Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay and even the quintessential HDB flat that reflects the vibrant city’s stunning architecture and landscape. The…

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            I helped define a new collagen product!!

            I was engaged a few months back to be part of a R&D process on helping to define a new collagen drink. Turns out it’s the New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen drink! We went through a blind test on different flavours (had to drink something else to cleanse my palate after every taste, so professional please!) and also help to choose packaging that we found attractive and in line with what the product is all about. I remember choosing the one…

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