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            The DCS 8515LH IP Camera makes a great all-in-one home IP Camera.

            There are heaps of home IP camera options out there in the market today. But all IP cameras are not made to be the same. I’m going to go ahead and say that the D-Link DCS 8515LH is my recommended all-in-one home IP camera. Here’s why.

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            5 Reasons Why Working Parents Will Love This Home IP Camera

            Besides being a two-time readers’ choice winner  of Hardwarezone’s (HWZ) Best IP Camera Brand award, D-Link has also recently launched a really good IP Camera which I’d happily recommend it as the best IP camera for home surveillance. I own several D-Link IP cameras at home and my latest addition is the D-Link DCS-8100LH.

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            Choose The Best Drinking Water For Your Family With This

            It has been 2 years since we started using the novita Water Purifier NP330 and we are still very satisfied with it. We change the filters in it once a year and I never forget because there’s this super handy magnet timer which I stick on my fridge and it emits a sound once 365 days is up. Alkaine water or Purified water? We have been drinking Alkaline water for 2 years now and I decided to change to Purified…

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            This Is How To Remove Harmful Chlorine In Your Showers

            Have you guys heard of Sonaki Shower Head? I always knew water that we use needs to be filtered to remove impurities or harmful substances in it but I never quite out much thought into filtering the water that we use to shower too! That’s exactly what the Sonaki Shower Head does. For every shower you take, it filters away 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines (most widely used disinfectants for water) in Singapore’s water. Did you know: Singapore’s tap water…

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            This Local Online Lifestyle Store Is A DREAM For Minimalists!

            Have you guys heard of IUIGA? I can’t believe I didn’t know of them until just before CNY when I started spring cleaning. I love their range of wardrobe organisers for it’s minimalist design and really good quality products. Plus, if you read all the way till the end, you’ll find a $10 VOUCHER from IUIGA waiting for you! But before I show you how I’ve re-organised my wardrobe with IUIGA Wardrobe Organisers, you have to know a little about IUIGA…

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            Recommended Home IP Camera For Monitoring Our Helper & Baby

            We are heavy-users of home IP cameras since the birth of our first child (3.5 years ago!) and we’ve always been reviewing and upgrading the IP cameras at home. Here’s sharing how we setup our home IP camera and which ones we use (and recommend!) Just to give a little background, our children are always in the living and dining room playing, eating and napping in the day. That’s where we want the home IP camera footages to cover, so…

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            The Importance Of Playing Outdoors With My Kids

            Outdoor play for kids is a big part of healthy growth, learning and development for them. Last weekend, we took the kids out to the big grass field near home to fly a kite, and ride a bike. It was such good fun This was how I grew up back in Malaysia and now, because we live in Singapore without a garden, we don’t really bring the kids out for some outdoor fun often enough. Outdoor play for kids is…

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            Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap LED Light Bulbs

            [ADV] I’ve always been a long time advocate of using LED Light Bulbs. Not only for energy saving purposes and their long lifetimes, but I’ve also learnt that not every LED Light Bulb is created equal. I had to replace some light bulbs at home some time back and it was superrrr troublesome.

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