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            Runway-worth Kebayas

            Selemat Hari Raya to all my muslim readers! :) Instead of talking about all the awesome raya food, I want to share some photos of very modern, and fashion forward looking kebayas :) Very pretty! :)

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            Celebrity Makeup Boo Boo

            Omg what are all those white powder on Angelina Jolie’s face! The white powder is actually tiny luminous powders that looks great in natural light, making them look gorgeous in real life. However, these luminous powders reflects light when flash hits them. Oops! Here’s a video that shows you more celebrities with such boo-boo! Well now you know! :)

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            The Latest On Lifestyle News

            Here’s sharing 10 interesting Lifestyle news on MFP! 1) Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal Diet and Exercise Routine: How they Prepared for 2013 VS Fashion Show I only have this to say: “I’ll never get there. T_T” 2) Motherhood and the Evolving Pursuit of Balance OMG THIS IS SO ME!! With Daniel in my life now, my life is so much happier but it is also so much more hectic. 3) 10 Totally #Instagram-worthy Photo Spots in Singapore VERY USEFUL PLEASE!! 4) The Funniest…

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            Sports X Fashion

            Love what you see? Well so do I! I love how the sporty street style looks has evolved to what it is now. This look is now dominating fashion magazines, runways and now onto the streets. Take a look at some of these sporty street style outfits. I’ve been picking up more than a few baseball-inspired jerseys and sneakers myself! :)

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            GSS Deals in Singapore!

            The shopping season is in full swing!! The time that all self-respecting shopaholics will come out in full force! From 30th May 2014 to 27th July 2014, brace yourself with a lot of good deals everywhere you turn! HELLO GREAT SINGAPORE SALE! Here’s sharing 5 GSS sales worth checking out! :) #DEPARTMENT STORE OGwww.og.com.sgAlbert Complex, Orchard Point, 100 Upper Cross Street Up to 70% off selected ladieswear, menswear, kidswear, household products and more 20% off regular-priced items for most brands Free…

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            Are you tuned in to MFP yet?

            They have heaps of interesting reads and updates on the latest Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Relationships, Lifestyle, Bloggers and the Female Community. Be in the know and tune in to MyFatPocket! :) Facebook | Twitter  | Pinterest  | Youtube | Google+

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            Top Korean Beauty Trends in Singapore

            Here are top 3 beauty trends that I have been crazyyyy over lately! #1: Cheon Song Yi Lipstick (from the drama My Love From The Stars) Have you seen how gorgeous those coral lip colours look on her! I’ve been pretty crazy over it myself. I bought a very good lippie with great colour pay off. Read here. CSY is wearing mostly Laniege (which I have as well!) and IOPE colours. :) A false rumour that CSY was using YSL Lipstick…

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            Top 3 Korean Fashion Trends

            #1: Le Shades Just pop on a good one and you’re looking like a Korean star already! #2: Le Sports Shoes I swear I have been trying to look for one that suits me. This isn’t really my style but I am totally going to adopt this very soon. #3: White I don’t know why they love wearing white so much. Ok, its probably because they look so good in it! ** Be sure to be updated on all the…

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