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            To fellow moms at the grocery store, I feel you.

            Maybe it was a moment of insanity or overconfidence, I took my eager beaver 2 year old son and super inquisitive 5 year old son to the grocery store last weekend. I love grocery shopping, well that is if I could shop without the kids. But when it comes to grocery shopping with the kids, fellow moms would know that it’s a matter of survival.

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            Sometimes The Goal Is Just To Keep Your Kids Alive

            My son is 5 this year. He understands us and he knows what we expect from him. Sometimes he is an angel and does exactly everything he is told to. But most times, like today when he simply refuses to take instructions, I wonder where I went wrong as a parent. Am I doing this whole motherhood thing the best way possible?

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            Singaporean Parents Most Likely To Leave Children Behind For A Vacation

            As modern day millennial parents, our love for travel and see the world together didn’t stop. But it did take a long pause when we were blessed with 2 young kids because the thought of travelling with children was plain scary! In a recent Expedia.com.sg Study, they released some interesting findings which I thought is worth sharing here. Travelling with children is a topic that’s very relevant to me. As a millennial parent to 2 young kids, we often struggle to…

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            How I Planned An Elaborate Yellow Duck Nautical Themed Party

            mI work 9-7 pm every week day and get home by 8-9pm, sleep by 10pm and the day starts all over again. Weekends are mad packed with my kid’s enrichment classes and family time. In between toilet breaks at work, late nights and when I’m breastfeeding Nathen, the husband and I had to plan Nathen’s 100 days baby party within 2 weeks.

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            Teaching Daniel To Love Reading

            Daniel is 2 years old + now. It’s been an absolute joy having him in our lives. He’s now at the age where he learns things very quickly. Just the other day, I came home to him showing me some yoga moves!!! Imagine a little toddler doing the tree pose, the standing pigeon pose and even the downward dog! I had a good laugh over it. He’s so cute. At this stage of his life when he learns to express himself…

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            Daniel at 8 months

            Daniel suddenly learnt new stuff on his own this month. It’s pretty miraculous! He suddenly sat on his own without support on 26th July, he also started to learn how to drag himself with his own tiny hands to move forward on 30th July and on 12th Aug, he got from lying down position to sitting position all on his own! Later, on 15th Aug, he amazed me again by getting crawling position to sitting position effortlessly. Children are so…

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            Daniel at 7 months

            This month, we received lots of visitors. Starting from my mom who came and Daniel recognised her (he last saw her at 3 months old) much to our surprise and she had heaps of fun with my smiley bubba. Next came my husband’s mom, whom Daniel last saw when he was 1 month old. Oh the little one didn’t recognise her at all and took 3 days to warm up to her. After that he was all smiley. Then my…

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            Daniel at 6 months

            I don’t know how 6 months flew by like that but it sure as hell did. My baby is growing up sooo quickly. It’s a beautiful 6th month with Daniel. At 6 months, Daniel is now able to sit very wobblily with some support. Big achievement unlocked! He is also very confident of flipping and has been doing it every single chance he gets. He explores every corner of his cot by flipping and flipping now. The little guy really needs…

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