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            Cot Bed Tour!

            Daniel’s nursery had some good lighting in today through the windows and I decided to do a little cot bed tour! :) Here’s how our cot bed looks like! Cot bumpers are from the Home Sweet Home range, Bambeanie Pillow Cover is from the Ellie range, Infant Pillow Cover is from the Happy Monkey range, the Mattress Cover is from the Night Hour range, and the Bolster Cover is from the Classic Dots range. Yes I got a piece from every…

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            Why I Love my Cosatto Changing Station

            In my humble opinion, one of the MUST-BUYS for a nursery is a changing station for your baby. My newborn needed to change diapers, change clothes, etc, like 10-15 times a day. That’s a lot of time spent! One of the best investments you can make is definitely a changing station. I am super lucky to have found a super good one! I have the Cosatto Changing Station. I first discovered the Cosatto brand because of their pushchairs which are superb…

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            Nippon Paint: Choosing Colours Part 2

            Here’s the 2nd instalment of sharing my experience with engaging Nippon Paint Professional Paint Service to give my walls a little sprucing up. So I covered my Living and Dining room in Part 1, now let’s move on to other exciting parts of the house like my master bedroom, guest room and of course, the nursery room! :) MASTER BEDROOM We used Nippon Momento™ Special Effects Paint for the Dining Room area and I was excited to see where else can I inject more of…

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            Nippon Paint: Choosing Colours Part 1

            Here’s sharing my experience with engaging Nippon Paint Professional Paint Service to give my walls a little sprucing up. When you engage Nippon Paint’s Paint Service, there will be a project manager assigned to you and he/she will come over to your house (how convenient) to recce the wall conditions and also to discuss about colour choices. Here’s how it works. Choosing the right colours for my house is QUITE A TASK. It’s really hard! If you look at Nippon Paint’s…

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            Small Rocker Bed For Nights With Me

            It just somehow didn’t register that I cannot leave the baby all alone in the nursery away from me during the first few months of his life. Even if my helper will be sleeping in the same room. I quickly then searched for a smaller cot bed which can fit into our tiny master bedroom. I needed it to be: ♥ Small ♥ Portable ♥ Sturdy ♥ Have a flat base for Baby Bean to sleep comfortably for hours and…

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            Nursery Accessories

            Just had to share this quickie post about the Moose LED Night Light I got from Spring Maternity. It is supperrrrrrr cute!!! It’s S$19.90 on their website but keep a lookout for offers! I also bought those cute booties for our maternity shoot some time back with Cottony Photography. I got these from Spring Maternity too.. I think I paid… S$4.90 if I am not wrong. The giraffe was a gift from a friend. :)

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            Sneaks of #ProjectNursery

            We’re still in the midst of deciding how to place the furniture but the walls are all beautifully done! :) I’ve also prepared all the needed baby stuff! :) #1: Nursing Corner This is an idea that we’re toying with. Having a cozy corner for nursing. I love the mini side table that features all the Mustela Post Partum Body Care that I’ll be needing. Oh the little moose is this super cute LED night light that you can find…

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            Quickie Update: My Changing Table

            #ProjectNursery has a new furniture!!! I should take proper photos and all but I cannot wait to share it with you! I just received it today and I haven’t really loaded everything onto it or cleaned it properly yet but I was really excited to see how it’ll all fit into the room we are building for the Baby. Anyhoo!! Here are a picture I grabbed off PoshBaby’s website first. Introducing the Cosatto Easi Peasi Changing Table that got delivered…

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