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            Let’s Push For Sustainable Palm Oil, Here’s Why It Matters

            Palm Oil. This is an ingredient that we use more often than we’d think. Thanks to how versatile it is, it is now found in over half of all the products on supermarket shelves – from lipstick and toothpaste to biscuits and bread. Many people do not know that they are eating it or using it in other ways.

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            #throwback on my internship

            At a blink of an eye, it’s been 10 years since I was last an intern. I remember fondly when I was studying at Singapore Polytechnic and I was posted to this little boutique advertising agency to intern. I studied Media and Communications and I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating, much less what an internship singapore opportunity meant to my career. It would be the first thing that goes onto my resume, my foot in the…

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            Big Dreams Start Small

            When I was growing up, I had a lot of dreams and aspirations. I wanted to be a lawyer, a pathologist, a kindergarten teacher and even a pet groomer at different stages of growing up. I’ll admit that while my career ambitions changed according to the latest movies in town, one thing never changed – I had dreams, big and small and I never stopped dreaming. As I grew older, and started my first job in an advertising firm, I…

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            Making Every Drop of Water Count

            One of the best parts about being a blogger definitely has to be attending events that really fill my mind with knowledge. Beauty events aren’t just about putting on make up, sometimes, they tell all about the founder, the brand story and the science/inspiration behind the product. It’s really very interesting. Just the other day, I was gushing over to my colleagues over lunch about this “StarWater Water Ionizer” blogger event that OMY.SG invited me to. It may sound like…

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            A #throwback to my Schooling Days

            This is a #throwback to my schooling days. Take a walk down memory lane with me. My schooling days were way different than most of everyone else’s in Singapore. I went through this everyday. Yes. Hours and hours of human and traffic jam. I travelled a total of 4 hours everyday to and fro Malaysia and Singapore from Primary One all the way till 1 year after I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic. That totals 15 years. It was pretty crazy.…

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            Top Five things to do Before I hit 35 years old

            Because, #YOLO. 1) Travel to New York and have breakfast at Tiffany’s 2) Travel to Japan and sample sashimi from the fish markets 3) Revamp the house’s furnitures I did a paint revamp earlier this year before Baby Daniel came along. Read more here. 4) Get a fitter body Go away post natal fats and sagginess! 5) Pick up diving again And then go to Maldives to dive with the Mamta Rays and Sharks! This list is short but only because…

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            What's it like as a blogger?

            I often get asked this question. There are perks to being a blogger like being sponsored, meeting new people, being part of exciting marketing campaigns and be at the forefront of everything new. I have been very very lucky and thankful to have had so many sponsors who trusted their brand with me. But all of that didn’t come just like that. Blogging is a lot of hard work. I spend a lot personal time going to events, taking nice…

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            Why Women Look For Male Escorts

            Men pay for sex. Women pay for companionship. It’s just the way we are wired (although there are definitely the minorities). Any woman who wants sex can just show up at any bar and get it for free. So why would we pay for sex (well, at least not enough to support an industry)? Unlike men, women crave for companionship. Having a partner who arouses you like that first date, stimulates you with meaningful conversation, is affectionate, and gives you all his…

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