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            The DCS 8515LH IP Camera makes a great all-in-one home IP Camera.

            There are heaps of home IP camera options out there in the market today. But all IP cameras are not made to be the same. I’m going to go ahead and say that the D-Link DCS 8515LH is my recommended all-in-one home IP camera. Here’s why.

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            Sudio TRE: Earphones You Didn’t Know You’d Love

            As someone who’s always on the go, one of the most important things I never leave home without are earphones. In fact, I think having earphones out with me is second only to my phone (I don’t really need a wallet with so many e-payment options – if you must know). My latest obsession is with this new brand of earphones, Sudio TRE, that I recently discovered and I really want to share this with you.

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            5 Reasons Why Working Parents Will Love This Home IP Camera

            Besides being a two-time readers’ choice winner  of Hardwarezone’s (HWZ) Best IP Camera Brand award, D-Link has also recently launched a really good IP Camera which I’d happily recommend it as the best IP camera for home surveillance. I own several D-Link IP cameras at home and my latest addition is the D-Link DCS-8100LH.

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            Recommended Home IP Camera For Monitoring Our Helper & Baby

            We are heavy-users of home IP cameras since the birth of our first child (3.5 years ago!) and we’ve always been reviewing and upgrading the IP cameras at home. Here’s sharing how we setup our home IP camera and which ones we use (and recommend!) Just to give a little background, our children are always in the living and dining room playing, eating and napping in the day. That’s where we want the home IP camera footages to cover, so…

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            Back To Work With A IP Camera Installed At Home!

            My maternity leave has ended and I am back to work at my full time job (and no, blogging isn’t my full time job). Leaving only my helper and my baby at home for so many hours a day, we definitely saw the need to get a IP Camera installed.

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            Casio Exilim TR60 takes flawless selfies, effortlessly!!

            Casio EXILIM makes the best selfie cameras I swear. I was drawn to their whole selfie camera range from TR150 till their newly launched one, the Casio EXILIM EX TR60. It comes with many improvements from its predecessor models. All of which are exactly what people want from selfie cameras. Here’s a TR60 review!

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            The Husband's Birthday

            I pondered long and hard. What on earth should I get for Peter’s birthday?! It is SO HARD to buy a gift for him. He has everything he needs and he needs very little things. The past few presents I gave him were always a flop :( There was once I bought him a watch because he said he LOVED it when we were window shopping. When I passed him the gift, he said that’s NOT the one he wanted…

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            A Little Something for a Lot of Comfort

            My maternity ends this week and I’m back full time at work next Monday. Time flies so quickly. I’m not really looking forward to spending so much time away from my baby. I’m going to miss him so much at work! 1 month ago, my husband and I started looking for survelliance cameras/baby monitors for the home so that even when we’re not home, we can see our baby. I would also feel better about leaving my helper with my…

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