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            East Lake Seafood Restaurant at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

            **BEWARE, heaps of awesome food pics!** Ever wondered what to eat in Hong Kong? I know I have. I’ve been to Hong Kong so many times and each time, I always find myself eating at the same type of places! Cha Chan Teng or some small eatery that I find round the corner or some street food. Funny how I always watch those Hong Kong dramas take place in a big traditional chinese restaurant and only find myself eating in…

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            My Chinese Adventure – Part 5

            Oh this day I went shopping! I started out on my day late today and went to the “Dong Wu Yuan Pi Fa Shi Chang” (The Distribution Centre near the Zoo). That place is a huge orgy of clothes, people, accessories, food, more people, lots of shouting, and big big bags (well, it is a place where retailers get their stocks from!)! It was a maze everywhere! There are 3-4 huge shopping centres and within each are even more little…

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            Outrageous servings in China!

            Yes, dinner on Day 4 was at this place called Shu Wei Nong. They served Sichuan cuisine and it is infused with such spiciness that I couldn’t but fall in love with! So by Day 4 of my China trip, I had enough of expensive food. I wanted something closer to the locals’ hearts. Shu Wei NongNo.29, Su Zhou StreetHai Dian DistrictBeijing, 100080 Two of us. Three Dishes. We were terribly full indeed. Mei Cai Kou Rou aka Preserved Veg…

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            Want to move house?

            Call him! (Actually I didn’t manage to get a picture of the MOST amazing of them all. This guy was on a bike and on the bike, he managed to load a dining table and four chairs. What a way to move house huh!) Modern China mixed with the old and the traditional. A sight that will not last very long more as China moves forward.

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            Cherry Blossoms

            The day I went to Bei Hai Gong Yuan, was the day I first saw Cherry Blossoms. They were beautiful. Every last petal of them. When seen from afar, these lovely flowers make a beautiful picture. I am going to let pictures speak for themselves. Look at that – White Cherry Blossoms. Macro mode The pink ones! Look at the colour… pinkish white… All together now… *SIGH*

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            My Chinese Adventure – Part Three (Beijing)

            Hello Hello! Day three of my wonderful trip to Beijing brought me to picturesque Bei Hai Park. Today I had no one to bring me around. So it was quite scary! The chinese people are quite impatient and loud-speaking. They seemed rude and unfriendly to me. Maybe they didn’t mean to portray that since I guess their culture is such. Anyhow, I was excited and scared all at the same time. This is the first cab I took on my…

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            Jin Shan Cheng

            Ma La Steamboat! In the morning, I went to the Bei Hai Gong Yuan (will be posting about this soon). And the previous days at Beijing was REALLY cold. I was super excited about the fact that I’m going to eat Steamboat! A friend recommended me to this place so I decided to pop by. The restaurant actually serves more than just Steamboat. They also serve Chong Qing dishes. To be frank, I’m not a fan of Ma La Steamboat.…

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            Wang Ping – 6 course meal dinner!

            Day 2 at Beijing, I had dinner at this high-class restaurant called Wang Ping. So damn expensive, but the following pictures will show you how damn delicious it was! It was a 6 course meal. Something like TAO’s in Singapore, only difference is, the food is of a higher quality. There were several categories (6 courses) and within each category, there were quite a variety of items to choose from! I was excited to begin choosing! The first course was…

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