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            Chilly Pan Mee – a MUST TRY in KL!

            Discovered a new dish during my recent trip home to Kuala Lumpur. It’s called Chilly Pan Mee and it’s super damn nice! Forget everything you knew about the “Ban Mian” we know in Singapore. This is THE CHILLY PAN MEE – with noodles textured like ramen, a poached egg, minced meat and as much chilli flakes as you want to add. And then you mix it all up! I don’t really like Ban Mian in Singapore, in fact I don’t…

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            Medan Selera Kheng Heong

            On a recent trip back to KL to visit my family, they brought me to their new favourite dinner haunt – Medan Selera Kheng Heong. This place is an unassuming small “coffeeshop-like” place which serves chinese food. I’m here to share mouth-watering pictures of our dinner! Chi Kong (Boxing Chicken) – looks hard & dry but it’s really juicy and tender. I saw other diners ordering this and wasn’t interested much but my mom said it’s a must-try and how…

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            Diving in Sipadan

            So, you have decided to dive in Sipadan but you don’t know where to start? Yes, hop on board. I’ve been there. When I made up my mind to explore Sipadan, I, like any other normal person, typed in “Sipadan” in google and for some reason, the tour operators for Sipadan are all very highly internet savvy!! They own all sorts of Sipadan related domain names and blogs and use content as a front to sell their packages. While I…

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            KL Food: Dynasty Dragon IOI Mall

            This is my second trip to Dynasty Dragon. On my first trip here, I think we ordered a wider variety of food. This time around, they had some promotion going on with their crabs and since we have some big love for these crustaceans, we decided to revisit Dynasty Dragon. We had a total of 9 crabs! The crabs were small and took us a lot of effort to eat. :( On the bright side, the cooking was quite good.…

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            Genting Highlands Food: 126 Restaurant

            So we were on our way up to Genting Highlands for a one day getaway (from the crazy heat in KL) and boy we were looking forward to some great food along the way! We’ve heard a lot about this restaurant called 126 Restaurant at Bukit Tinggi and decided to go give it a try. For those of you who are like my grandma who loves buying fresh fruits and vegetables (so do I, omg I think I got it…

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            Langkawi – Jewel of Kedah, Malaysia

            Photo credited to Phil LANGKAWI, KEDAH, MALAYSIA The well-known beach destination in Malaysia that has beautiful beaches, mangroves rich in flora and fauna and duty-free shopping! So who’s up for some island chillaxing?! Check out Tourism Malaysia’s website on a writeup on Kedah. TOP 5 REASONS WHY LANGKAWI IS AN IDEAL HOLIDAY DESTINATION FOR ME! 1) Mad stressed at work :( It’s time…… to do nothing and think nothing. I just want to feel, to enjoy, and to experience. Man, I’m…

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            Diving with Uncle Chang at Mabul Island

            Just thought I’ll drop by with a quick post on how I spent on diving and lodging for my recent diving trip to Borneo, Sabah, East Malaysia. Arrive at Tawau via Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur 1h 30mins taxi ride from Tawau Airport to Semporna @ RM100 Overnight stay at Dragon Inn, Semporna @ RM77 1h boat ride transfer from Semporna to Uncle Chang‘s at Mabul Island @ Complimentary for Divers 6D5N Stay at Uncle Chang @ RM90 per person…

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            Itinerary for Borneo Diving Trip

            So I’ve been “MIA” for awhile now. Went to pursue my dream of learning how to dive and then diving. But I’m back now. With more exciting new updates! There’s something brewing new for this humble blog of mine and I will be back to update everyone about it soon! Meanwhile, hola all, I’m back. Here’s sharing my itinerary for my 8D7N Trip to the Borneo Islands. 8D7N combination will get us a diving certification, and 2 days worth of…

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