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            Kid Friendly Itinerary for Phuket: Where to Eat, Stay & Play

            Travelling with kids always feels stressful even though I have done it a few times now. However, that’s not going to stop my determination to travel the world!! We just got back from Phuket with the boys so here’s sharing my carefully planned super mega post on a kid friendly itinerary for Phuket. 

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            Wyndham Sea Pearl Phuket Is Beautiful And Great For Families

            Wyndham Sea Pearl Phuket is a beautiful resort to stay in at Phuket. I recently went with my family (husband, and 2 kids aged 5 and 2) to Phuket and our stay at Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort was absolutely comfortable. If you’re looking for family friendly hotels at Phuket, read our holiday experience as a family with young kids here.

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            All You Need To Know About My Porcelain Veneers in Bangkok

            I did Porcelain Veneers in Bangkok in 2013 and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I had enough of hiding behind my deformed front teeth and decided to make a change. Here are some highlights of what I did at Bangkok Smile Dental in Bangkok.

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            My New Smile at Bangkok Smiles Dental Part 2

            As you know, I was recently in Bangkok to have Porcelain Veneers done. Since I last met Dr Piyamas (Bangkok Smile Dental) for a grueling 2 hours of preparation for the Porcelain Veneers, it’s been 5 days and it’s time to have my real and new Porcelain Veneers fitted on permanently. Here’s how the process went. 

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            My New Smile at Bangkok Smiles Dental Review Part 1

            Hope you’ve read my post on why I came to Bangkok in search of Cosmetic Dentistry services to improve my smile, because here’s a continuation! :) I have gotten my Porcelain Veneers done and here’s sharing a Bangkok Smiles Dental review post!

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            To Bangkok for a beautiful smile!

            Yes, I have finally decided to go to Bangkok and have comestic dentistry done at Bangkok Smile Dental. I will be doing Porcelain Veneers and Laser Whitening for teeth. Follow me on my journey as I share my experience. 

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            Shopping in Platinum Mall & Pratunam

            Hello!! Here’s sharing my shopping after one long day in Platinum Mall & Pratunam Market, a must-visit for great shopping when you’re in Bangkok. Here’s what I bought! At Platinum Mall: 2 Shorts for 300Baht (I overpaid for this. You can get this at Chatuchak or Pratunam Market for 100~110Baht each) Dotted chiffon top for 100Baht Shades from the night market just outside Platinum Mall for 49Baht!! Black flats at 300Baht Super gorgeous Bikinis at 560Baht (280Baht each wholesale price)…

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            Shopping at the night markets of Siam

            Heylo! Here’s a little shoutout from Bangkok. I’ve been to Bangkok many times before but this is the first time I’ve actually really shopped the Siam area. This place is a jewel of finds for accessories. The clothings along the night markets weren’t that impressive though. If you ask me, I think you should totally head to Siam Paragon for the food & then go across the street for these awesome night markets! I had a Crispy Noodle with Seafood…

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