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            Burger King In London

            Let’s just say it had a weird texture to it. You know? Biting into so many small rolls…… tubes… whatever you call them. Heh.

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            Tower Bridge – London Day 4

            The Tower of London– a safe-deposit box for the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels are perhaps the major reason so many visitors flock to the Tower. Here’s their website Long Queue when I got there and since I was with my aunt and my cousin, it didn’t seem nice of me to get them to wait in line with so, next time then! Besides, the Tower Bridge was so massive and magnificent upclose, I just had to see more of…

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            Sights of Lovely London – Day 3

            1st May I went round London on foot this day. I love this shot. Beyond the neatly lined trees lies a promise of something grand… … something well, too far away (I was to find out later that that’s BUCKINGHAM PALACE! Haha!). There were booms and bangs, much like a parade of some sort somewhere. I headed towards the noise and found myself at Trafalgar Square where we saw an interesting protest going on. It was the traditional May Day…

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            My adventure in Europe

            Ok my next project is to FINISH blogging about my Europe trip. It’s been like LONG overdue. So I shall. I did up the above little timeline – it’ll come in useful when following me on my “backpacking” trip! :) So excited!

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            Sights I enjoyed while wandering round London

            The houses of London! My uncle’s place is near East Finchley. This is where I boarded and alighted from everyday! =) I got lost while ambitiously trying to look for Her Majesty’s Theatre without a map. But good thing I did because I found myself in this little quaint lane! So colourful the buildings huh! OMG! Benefit cosmestics in London!! Ya no big deal but, Benefit!!! A little indoor mall that I stumbled upon… didn’t have time to go in.…

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            The British Muesuem, Leceister Sq and a Play!

            I am so happy with the work done on my teeth. I couldn’t say enough thanks to my uncle! You know how people always say that a smile will define how you look? Now I have a wonderful smile!! So happy!! Today’s (30th April) a rainy rainy day in London. Very cold and super windy. My umbrella was blown in all directions, along with my hair -_-“! We went to the Britsh Museum. It’s a blardy huge place with so…

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            Trip to Tesco!

            Day 2 at London. The first night was pretty bad. I was so sleepy after dinner but my uncle still drove us round town to see the famous sights lighted up in their own lovely way. I was so sleepy that I was practically nodding off! Felt so damn embarrassed about it! It was a good thing I slept as late as possible though, because I was rid of my jetlag very quickly. The next day I was up bright…

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            My Europe Holiday

            Ok, so I went to London (SIA’s airfare @ $2,111 nett) from 28th April to the 19th of May. I stayed in London with my family till the 5th of May. On the morning of the 6th of May, I begun my Rome-Florence-Pisa-Venice-Verona-Milan-Paris Italy-France tour. The whole trip’s itinerary is purely based on recommendations from family and friends, guidebooks as well as internet. It was helluva trip and I enjoyed all aspects of differences in culture. My favourite city has…

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