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            What I did in Las Vegas

            I was there for 7d6n for the annual CES show. It was my first (and I hope it’s not the last) time ever to the United States, to Las Vegas, and to the CES show! 7 days is a lot of time in Vegas but really, the place hardly tires you out (besides the jetlag). I stayed out till midnight most nights and I did not even party. I did casino hopping, shopping, eating, watching shows and at the convention…

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            Great Food in San Francisco

            I don’t know about you but the last thing I expected from San Francisco was very very good food. Here’s what I ate during my trip and what you must try! Sotto Mare (552 Green Street at the intersection of Columbus Ave & Stockton Ave) Known for its best Cioppino in San Francisco. Crazily reviewed on Yelp too. I went and ordered the Cioppino (USD 38 – portion big enough for 2 and it was EASILY the BEST MEAL I…

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            Visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

            Grand Canyon was breathtaking and such a great spot for photos. I overpaid for this at a booth in Luxor Hotel at USD185 (expect to pay about USD120 for this) but well lesson learnt. :) Buy from “Tiks4tonight” booths along the Strip! I went for the Comedy on Deck tour with Robert as my guide. There were less than 30 people onboard and we set off at 6.30am. Sounds like early but I was jetlagged so it was fine. :p…

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            It's Vegas, Baby!

            Vegas is everything I imagined it to be and more. I loved it. In January of 2013, I think I started my year fabulously with a solo trip to one of the most exciting cities in the world – Las Vegas. Walking down the streets of Vegas with the cold air in my face, I passed by party people with balloons and drinks in their hands merry-making, neon lights, and too many signs that promise great meals, best deals, and…

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            Gourmet Delights on SQ’s Business Class

            I had the privilege to be on Business Class during my recent Singapore to San Francisco flight on Singapore Airlines. To say I was super excited is an understatement. I have never flown business class with any airline prior. It was prettyyyy awesome. Everything after check in was a nice treat. From the business class silverkris lounge to the spacious business class seats (that can be converted to a flatbed)! My flight was about 16 hours and I’m really thankful…

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            Guided Tours in San Francisco

            San Francisco is a quiet little town with a lot of good food and sights to take in. I was there from Jan 12, to Jan 14 for a short trip. I took 3 tours in total: 1) Muir Woods USD53 2) Grand City Tour USD51 3) Alcatraz Tour USD28 1&2 were with Tower Tours. They have a combo promotion which I missed and am very sad about. Taking both 1&2 will cost USD84 only. USD20 savings argh! Muir Woods…

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            Lovely San Francisco in 4 days

            I didn’t have much time and wanted to cover as much of South America as I could. Turns out it was quite a rush but with better advanced planning it isn’t impossible. I was at San Francisco recently for 3D2N and it turned out to be a great trip. I flew in from Vegas via United Airlines. Flight was prompt and all but had to pay USD 25 for baggage (cost wasn’t included in air ticket). If you have carry…

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            Girl alone in Los Angeles

            As part of my “Great California” trip, how could I not stop by Los Angeles, the city that epitomises the American’s dream for fame. Before coming here, I’ve had friends telling me to be careful, don’t stay out too late at night etc., because it’s not safe. Turns out, it made me worried the whole trip! Haha! The streets are really quiet after dark. I really wonder where people go after dark really! You’ll see beggars and sketchy people loitering…

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