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            My Wedding Vendors

            These are a list of wedding vendors that I engaged for my wedding. They all helped to make our big day memorable in their own way and I’m very grateful for them. I have received many emails from readers on the wedding vendors I used so here’s the big list for your easy reference.

            #1: Wedding Designer and Wedding Planner

            Hellen from Rosette Design & Co. She is efficient, detail-oriented and is full of creative ideas. She is helping me creative my very own unique wedding! :) Sure the hotel has some decor in the wedding package, but with the help of the hotel, we are revamping it and making it the modern & sophisticated wedding we’ve already wanted. :)

            Read more about what Hellen does for me here.

            Rosette Design & Co
            email: hello@rosettedesigns.com
            Facebook Page | Website | Blog

            #2: Wedding Banquet Venue

            We did a lot of research on wedding venues in Singapore and finally decided to go with our top favourite! Klapsons Hotel is a 4-star boutique hotel tucked away along Hoe Chiang Road along Tanjong Pagar Road. Many don’t know this but they are actually just opposite Tanjong Pagar MRT! I love the location. It is super convenient for my guests. Susan’s my banquet manager and she has been very responsive and patient with all my questions. I’d also like to thank her for helping to coordinate all of this and for being so flexible in many ways.

            Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel
            15 Hoe Chiang Road Singapore 089316
            Contact: (65) 6521 9000
            Email: susan.tan@klapsons.com
            Website | Facebook Page

            #3: Actual Day Photographer

            Through some sheer luck, I found Altissimo Studios. Headed by Al Tan, he provides actual day and pre-wedding photography services. His portfolio on his website is pretty unique and he has captured some very nice photos that other photographers could have missed. Sweet, meaningful, fleeting, hard-to-capture moments that make up a wedding.

            I have engaged him for my actual day photography since my pre-wedding shots are taken care of by the bridal studio. I look forward to working with him! Check out the photos he took for me HERE.

            Altissimo Studios
            Contact: (65) 9688 8654
            Email: hello@altissimostudios.com (Al Tan)
            Website | Facebook Page

            #4: Pre-Wedding & Actual Day Videographer

            We wanted someone passionate and full of ideas. We wanted our video to be unique and capture all the important moments in a wedding. And we found Ami from Blue Button Films (see vimeo portfolio here). Check out my wedding video!

            Wedding Paparazzi / Blue Button Films
            Contact: (65) 6336 1693
            Address: 261 Waterloo Street, #04-30 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261
            Email: bluebutton@weddingpaparazzi.com
            Website | Facebook Page

            #5: Photobooth

            I first saw Photobooths at someone’s wedding and thought, wow what a great idea. So having a photobooth is all about getting some good people in, setup a nice backdrop, give your guests some props and then shoot away! These are then printed out and given to your guests as momentos for your wedding. I found Live Moments and really like the flattering lightening setup (see his past work and you’ll know) and the range of backdrops they have! See them in action at my wedding! :)

            Live Moments
            Contact: (65) 9688 8654
            Email: al.tan@livemoments.com.sg (Al Tan)
            Website | Facebook Page

            #6: Wedding Cake

            We knew right from the start that we did not want the fake cake that everyone has at their weddings. We wanted a fancy one, a real one that can be shared with our guests! After watching COUNTLESS episodes of Rich Bride, Poor Bride and David Tuttera’s Weddings, we knew we needed to find someone really good who can do the job. And we found Temptations Cakes. They are a local homegrown brand with a long history. I love how modern their creations look and they certainly have experience in the wedding cake arena! It wasn’t long before we had a design confirmed! :)

            Temptations Cakes
            Contact:  (65) 6440 9200
            Email: info@temptationscakes.com.sg
            Website | Facebook Page

            #7: Wedding Favours

            For wedding favours, we decided to go with DoMeAFavor. We love that all their products come with customized labels of our names. They also have a wide range of wedding favours like organic lollipops, bonne maman jam and honey made in France, and popcorn from a Singapore factory too! No more boring, ugly and ‘throwable’ favors. Read more about the favours they did for me at my wedding here!

            Contact: info@domeafavor.com.sg
            Website | Facebook Page

            #8: Wedding Singer

            I was honoured to have my ex-classmate and good friend to be my wedding singer. Zrina and I used to joke about how when I get married, she’ll sing at my wedding and lo and behold, many years later, here we are. Zrina loves music and is available as a Wedding Singer! If you’re interested do check out her porfolio here.

            Zrina, Wedding Singer
            Facebook Page | Youtube
            Contact: holdontoyourpants@gmail.com

            #9 Bridal Nails 

            Priscilla is a very experienced and detailed manicurist. I would go back to her every time. :) Read my review of the Bridal Nails she did for me here.

            Priscilla, Nails Etcetera
            Facebook Page Blog
            Contact: Whatsapp her at 9726 7125 for appointments & enquiries!

            #10: Bridesmaid Dresses

            I got them from Occasion Dresses. They have dresses in heaps of different cuttings and lots and lots of colours. I’m sure you’ll find something there, like I did. :)

            Occasion Boutique Outlets
            • 100AM Shopping Mall, 100 Tras St #02-18 (beside Amara Hotel)
            • 252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre #03-29B
            Tel: 6338 8721

            Read all about my wedding here! :) 


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            1. Alexa Wong
              July 24, 2018 / 5:53 pm

              Have you heard of GIF photo booth? We once hired Ubersnap GIF photo booth service during our wedding and the experience we got was extra fun!

              • Ju Ann
                July 26, 2018 / 10:56 am

                Thanks for sharing this info :)