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            Off off and away I go

            Hello world! I am at Changi Airport Terminal 3 now. It’s 12.45am and I am feeling all hyped about the trip to Beijing! I’ve never been to Beijing before. So, great, great wall of China, here I come. This, my friends, is the BEST curry/belachan brinjal dish I have ever tasted. Seriously, it was THAT good. It’s FOC at the Krisflyer Gold Lounge! =D Yeehaa, I got entry! I had like a good 4 hours to kill in the airport.…

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            I'm an Alien in Beijing!

            As seen at Beijing Airport. I stood there for a full minute staring at the sign. Haha! With such bad english signs in the airport, I guess there’ll be more to laugh at as I begin my China Adventure! P.s.: Yes! I’m at Beijing now! But guess what! Blogspots are blocked in China – BUT I can blog. What the hell right? Haha! Anyway! I’m enjoying myself and the weather is LOVELY here.

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            Life isn't always rosy prior to a holiday!

            Excerpt: Mr Lim Guan Eng, party leader of DAP was quoted in the Straits Times yesterday, “We may have no experience in running a government but we have no experience in corruption and abuse of power either! So that’s one up for us.” Damn bloody zai lor. I think there could be hope! :) Yes yes, all the newspapers are reporting these couple of days are all about the aftermath of the Malaysian Elections. And with good reason too –…

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            The Malaysian General Elections 2008

            Well well, I never thought I’ll be one to be talking about politics here. The truly surprising results of the Malaysia elections on March 9 brought me much hope and surprise for Malaysia. Even the votes of the malays have swung over to the opposition – and for damn good reasons too! I feel like I’m seeing history being made. Seeing that the opposition actually managed to win more seats than expected, is like knowing that truly, every vote counts.…

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            Elections' Coming Up

            The big words on the banner translates to mean, “Sleep LAH Sleep”. The picture shows Malaysian current prime minister dozing off in his public appearances. You think Abdullah Badawi is embarrassed about it?

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            I Won A BID!

            Me! Of all people! Nono, of 80 people! Me! I won! I can’t believe it! So I was checking my email one day and I saw an eDM in my mail from CTC holidays. I’m not exactly crazy about tours and travel agents for I much prefer convincing myself that I can read maps and that the information available from the internet can bring me to places far more interesting. So anyway, I got to clicking it and found it…

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            Time and Opportunities wait for no man

            Small Talk: This post is dedicated to my great friend and colleague, Gwen How do I forget this woman? This was how she looked like when I met her in 2006. I think I’ve told this story like a million times but I love it so much I’ll going to tell it again. Here. When I first joined the company, she managed to ignore me completely for 6 entire months. S.I.X!! I was almost in depression for these six months…

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            Shoe Frenzy

            Oh Jeez! I “accidentally” clicked on a coupla links and got through to STEVE MADDEN. Steve Madden is a designer shoe brand owned by Steve Madden, Ltd. The designer, Steve Madden is such a blardy GENIUS. I don’t even think he needs much marketing! I mean, look at the below few designs I grabbed from the website. The pictures below just says, “buy me, I’m all you’ll ever need. “ These are like, er, super drop-dead gorgeous shoes! See! So…

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