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            No BBT during circuit breaker?! Here’s how to make your own bubble tea!

            Like any bubble tea fan in Singapore, I’m a little upset that all our favourite bbt shops in Singapore will be closed as part of the extended circuit breaker measures in Singapore. In fact, I didn’t even know about it until I saw news reports about long queues at bubble tea shops after more businesses told to close by midnight (21 Apr) under stricter Covid-19 measures. Anyhoo, we live in unprecedented times now and so, like any die-hard bubble tea…

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            Circles.Life: 2GB of Data for $5/mth and NO Contract?!

            Say hello to Circles.Life’s new mobile $5/mth plan where you get 2GB of data, 50 mins of calls and 25 smses! It’s perfect as a first mobile plan for my son. Afraid of how addictive screen time can be, we don’t let the kids watch much TV/use mobile devices on the go or at home. But knowing how important it is to prepare them for the digital era we live in (or rather how unavoidable digital is), what we do…

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            The DCS 8515LH IP Camera makes a great all-in-one home IP Camera.

            There are heaps of home IP camera options out there in the market today. But all IP cameras are not made to be the same. I’m going to go ahead and say that the D-Link DCS 8515LH is my recommended all-in-one home IP camera. Here’s why.

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            5 Reasons Why I Invested in ErgoBloom

            We love how the ErgoBloom has changed our child’s attitude towards studying and drawing. So to share our experiences, here are 5 reasons why we think it is important to consider ergonomic furniture for children.

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            All You Need To Know About Ultherapy in Singapore

            Ultherapy has been gaining a lot of interest and buzz in Singapore as an effective, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment. I went for my first Ultherapy treatment 3 years ago at Halley Medical Aesthetics and loved the results enough to do it again recently with Dr Terence Tan. But this time, I upgraded my full-face and upper neck treatment with the latest Ultherapy Amplify protocol of 800 lines, which Dr. Terence Tan explained will deliver better results. That’s why…

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            I tried the highly raved-about S$1,349 LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask

            With 160 LED IR and Red LED lights that penetrates your skin at different depths, the LG Derma LED mask promises brighter and firmer skin.  Priced at S$1,349, it is relatively expensive for a facial mask. I am excited to share what it does for beleaguered, world-weary faces of modern women today. Firmer and brighter skin with the LG Derma LED mask LED Light Therapy for improved skin is not new in the beauty industry. In fact, there are many…

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            Aladdin brings a whole new world to Singapore!

            The Broadway sensation, Aladdin The Musical, is soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through Singapore and taking Singapore on a magical Disney ride.  Aladdin will be staging its one and only Asian stop at the Sands Theatre Singapore, with performances starting from July 21, 2019. We watched the official opening night and loved every moment of it. You’ll see everything we know from the film on stage and certain moments, like the magic carpet ride, would be amplified to give the audience the…

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            Reasons Why This Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment Is So Popular!

            This fat reduction and body contouring treatment is super popular now and I can see why! Non-invasive, painless, no downtime, FDA-approved and completely fuss-free,?Vanquish ME is a super effective way to lose the inches.

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