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            Heard of the Fan BingBing Laser? This is it!

            China celebrity Fan Bingbing is reportedly a big fan of the picosecond laser, which is known for skin rejuvenation, removing tattoos, pigmentation, and acne scars. It’s called the PicoSure Laser and I recently tried it at?Halley Medical Aesthetics. Read to find out more about PicoSure Laser.

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            Highlights of Christmas Wonderland 2018

            Remember Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay last year? Returning bigger and better for its fifth year, Christmas Wonderland 2018 at Gardens by the Bay will come alive with beautiful illuminations, exciting activities and tasty delights from 30 November to 26 December. It really is the best way to soak up the wonderful vibes this festive season.

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            Mom of 2 Spirited Toddlers: This is How I Keep My Sanity

            I have 2 kids and both are under 5 years old. Keeping sanity during this phase of motherhood is challenging. I’m in that bed-wetting, carrying, meltdowns phase of childhood now. It’s incredibly challenging and for me, here’s how I stay grounded and sane.

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            Best Places to take Insta-worthy Shots of Sydney’s Jacaranda Trees

            Commonly referred to as the “Dream Tree”, the beautiful lilac trees bloom from October to November, transforming Sydney into a sea of purple. It’ll be quite the sight for both young and old, and make a superb backdrop for your next Instagram post! If you’re wondering where to see these breath-taking purple blossoms, look no further. Here’s sharing 5 of the best places to take insta-worthy shots of Sydney’s Jacaranda Trees. Grafton Jacaranda Festival Happening from 27 October – 4 November…

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            A Tired Mom’s Review Of Lao Xie Zhen Boiled Chicken Essence

            I haven’t had a full night worth of uninterrupted sleep ever since my 2nd child was born (and he’s 2.5 yrs old now). I sleep late to lead my adult life, wake up multiple times at night to make milk, wake my 5 year old up to pee, and go off to work at 8am. I feel like I need an energy and brain booster to function better everyday.

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            To fellow moms at the grocery store, I feel you.

            Maybe it was a moment of insanity or overconfidence, I took my eager beaver 2 year old son and super inquisitive 5 year old son to the grocery store last weekend. I love grocery shopping, well that is if I could shop without the kids. But when it comes to grocery shopping with the kids, fellow moms would know that it’s a matter of survival.

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            Japanese Food, Yukata Try-Outs, Pikachu Meet & Greet and more at the Japan Summer Festival 2018

            We went to Japan Summer Festival at the National Stadium this weekend and it was filled with heaps of people enjoying good food, shopping for deals and participating in games/activities for the whole family. We had so much fun at the event that we stayed for 5 whole hours!

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            CoolSculpting in Singapore: Before & After Photos

            Are you thinking of going for CoolSculpting in Singapore? I recently did a CoolSculpting treatment back in April this year at Halley Medical Aesthetics with Dr Terence Tan. It’s been 3 months since the treatment and it’s time to share the before & after results! Throughout the 3 months, I didn’t do anything special to lose weight or fat. I went about my daily life, without much exercise :( It usually takes about 3 months for you to see the…

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